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Land, 1,650m2, Pataias, Alcobaça

Land in a quiet area, 500m from the center of Pataias, just 5km from the A8 motorway (entrance to Alpedriz).
The land is completely walled.

Total land surface 1,650m².
Access by road.

Located 28 km from the city of Leiria, 13 km from the city of Marinha Grande and São Pedro de Moel beach, 11 km from Nazaré beach, 10 km from Pedra do Ouro beach, 6 km from Vale Furado beach and 5 km from Paredes de Vitória beach, so well known and sought after in the Silver Coast region.

Other beaches are a reference on the Silver Coast and located in the Pataias area for those looking for more exclusive and relaxing environments, such as the beaches of Falca, Légua, Polvoeira and Água de Madeiros.

Pataias is a parish in the municipality of Alcobaça, with around 5,000 inhabitants, equipped with all services such as supermarkets, police, firefighters, restaurants, gas stations, schools, swimming pools, banks, insurance companies, easy access to the A8 motorway and national roads and where you can breathe the fresh air originating in the National Forests of Pinhais de Leiria.

Pataias has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the region, where a walk around it and listening to the singing of the birds that inhabit the area are privileges for only a few. The trails in the area are excellent for those who love hiking, cycling and, perhaps, horse riding.

Great option for building your holiday home or even for your permanent residence.

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Land 1650m2 - Pataias - Alcobaça

Sale: 70 000

Pataias e Martingaça / Alcobaça / Leiria
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Land Area

1 650.0

Divisions Areas


Solar Exposition



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