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Urban Land, 1025m2, with Construction index 0.3, between Leiria and Marinha Grande

Land with 1025m2, with well, ideal for those who want to build their two-storey or single-story house, with outbuildings, garage and a barbecue.

With space to put the pool you dream of
You can have your vegetable garden and animals in this pleasant area.

Extremely calm area and close to forestry, 5m from Parque de Merendas de Amor, with a source of drinking water.

It is located 5m from Marinha Grande and 10m from Leiria
7m from the A8, 15m from the A1 and 5m from the A17
Close to Commercial Areas



Urban land, 1025m2 for construction, between Leiria and Marinha Grande

Sale: 65 000

Amor / Leiria / Leiria
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Gross Area

1 025.0

Land Area

1 025.0

Divisions Areas


Solar Exposition