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A house with a brilliant age of 200 years, with a solid structure on the facade, its entire area is surrounded by a high wall, having two accesses to the interior of the property, being that it is for interior reconstruction, being able to have the possibility and key agreement in the hand, with the work completed, by mutual agreement.
It will give a harmonious and peaceful Home to those who inhabit it.
It has a good sun exposure, having a porch, where you can enjoy and taste your meals outdoors and also from the ground floor space or garden, on the sun lounger enjoying a cup of tea and reading a good book, in the shade of the plum tree with red and sweet fruits.
In front of the house, there are annexes, which include a cellar, mill and threshing floor, with space for the garage and storage, you can change it to your liking, making a cellar, to be able to store and taste good Portuguese wine, with family and friends. , next to it is a mill, where you can change it to a shower or swimming pool, delighting the little ones and the refreshing relaxation of the big ones.
In the center of the property, I refer to the closed well, which may be useful, to supply the tank or swimming pool.
It is located in an extremely quiet area, ideal place to start a family, or to enjoy after so many years of work.
5 minutes from Maceira, 15 minutes from Leiria, 5 minutes from the city of glass, in Marinha Grande, 15 minutes from S. Pedro de Moel, the entire length of the Silver Coast and its charms, 20 minutes from Nazaré beach, also mentioning the good access to the A8, A1, A17 motorways
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"The Home we all dream of, contact Linda Ramos"



Centenary House A Do Barbas

Sale: 60 000

Maceira / Leiria / Leiria
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Gross Area


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Solar Exposition


2 Specifications

2x Beds


1x Bath


Linda Ramos
Linda Ramos
Triomphe Leiria