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It's not every day that a property with this magnificence is for sale.
The 1,860 m2 of this stately residence situated on top of a hill and 46,800 m2 of land with panoramic views of the sea, constitute a right only in your genus, being a reference and a privilege for the Algarve region (and not only). This exclusive creation is alone worth the price.
The construction of the castle was started at the beginning of the years 1980, a true work of art performed manually, but integrates the technology and comfort of our times. For 20 years the artisans of the arts practiced masonry.
Large blocks of stone have been dug from their own land and split manually and then worked. Many losses numbered just as it was centuries ago. The amazing love of detail is constantly present. This timeless place is a very original and successful architectural alliance between a fortress with imposing six-foot facade of your wall with turrets and battlements that transport us to the era of chivalry and Moorish palaces, with the typical arcaded cloisters, Garden suspended and Andalusian courtyard inside the walls. A harmonious alliance between peace and war.
The complex is composed of the central Castle, a pavilion and two, sometimes three levels on the wall. A large 300 m private access leads to the main gate. Picturesque layout offers 4 distinct and completely independent accommodation, all with sea views. (provided for 7 suites, can be more). This feature differentiates the castle its ancient and modern houses alike monoblocs. She will be greatly appreciated by both the owner and the family and guests hosts. In the Dungeon, such as befits a castle, the "Tavern of the Knights" of 170 m2 with fireplace, bar, several meeting rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, having impressed the guests and can be the ideal place to seal a contract. A few steps up, still inside the walls, a feudal 220 m2 (receptions — events — corporate seminars ...) gives access to a terrace of 1000 m2. The night, the Castle dominates over the twinkling lights of the city of Faro, and which extend along the coast, while at the same time enjoy the charm and romanticism of the interior lighting over the cloisters, in and around the central pool.
The structures of the Castle include: a swimming pool 15x7m also in harmony with the environment, with cascade system architecture. BBQ area with bar, bathroom, wardrobes. Technical sites, 5 expensive garage, central laundry, a windmill. With your very central location, the Faro International Airport is just 15 min and the access to the highway which crosses the plain is 2 km away.

Safe investment: Portugal is socially and politically the most secure country in the European Union. No claims of menoridades, separatism, religious conflicts, terrorism. No extreme right, there has never been an attack, there is no wealth rate. Privacy in the Castle, the environment of peace and the wonderful climate of the Algarve are highly sought after advantages.

Contact us Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm. Tel: 210 513 600.

reference Triomphe Immobilier TPH109-08



Castle in the Algarve

Sale: 3 950 000

São Sebastião (Loulé) / Loulé / Faro
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