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Land with more than five hectares in Palaceiros - Tomar

With urbanizable plots, a small house called Casa dos Caseiros and 2 water wells.

Extremely pleasant area, very green, very natural, located 5 minutes from the center of Tomar.

Tomar is a city located 10 minutes from the reservoir of the Castelo de Bode Dam, which is the 2nd largest hydrographic basin in the country, with an extension of more than 60 km, where it is possible to carry out various leisure activities, as well as practice of various water sports.

Tomar was founded by D. Gualdim Pais in 1160, having been the seat of the Orders of the Temple and of Christ.

In this city we can find several monuments, of which we can highlight the Convent of Christ, declared world heritage, the Church of São João Batista, the Church of Santa Maria dos Olivais (where the remains of D. Gualdim Pais are buried), the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Chapel of São Gregório, Convent of São Francisco and Convent of Santa Iria.

It is a region where you can appreciate artistic and ethnographic details and discover the biodiversity of classified natural areas.

It is a territory where History, Faith and Nature are a constant.

By choosing to live in the center of Portugal, you will find the pleasure of nature, and enrich your soul in an unparalleled cultural heritage, in the largest and most diverse tourist region in Portugal.

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Land with more than five hectares in Palaceiros - Tomar

Sale: 170 000

São João Batista e Santa Maria dos Olivais / Tomar / Santarém
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59 640.0

Gross Area

59 640.0

Land Area

59 640.0

Divisions Areas


Solar Exposition

Thomas Conceição
Thomas Conceição
Triomphe Leiria


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