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Located in the Parish of Samuel, Municipality of Soure, District of Coimbra, this development is equipped with all the necessary technology.

The production system is based on the oscillating NGS technology, which, in addition to many other possibilities, allows for the cultivation of 40,000 plants in an area of ​​2000m2, which is equivalent in soil to about 7000m2, working in perfect ergonomic conditions and complete cleaning of the space since the soil is covered with mesh, which prevents the spread of pests, thus radically reducing the need to use phytopharmaceutical products and complete cleaning of the crop. It should be noted that this system is completely automated in terms of handling.

The climate control of the greenhouse is ensured by the zenith openings, which are also completely automated due to the existence of a climate probe inside that sends information to the climate control station. The side openings are manual, however they have a system of reduction racks which makes their opening and closing extremely easy.

It has a very significant area of ​​implantation and possibility of expansion, it has capacity for 40,000 plants and an average production of 5,000 kg of strawberries per month. Good lighting, 150 m2 warehouse where the entire hydroponic system is inserted, such as a cold room.

Inside the warehouse is the entire digital automation system that ensures the entire operation of the enterprise, and has the possibility of being remotely controlled via GSM communication and appropriate software.

There is an anemometer outside the warehouse that sends information on wind speed and/or precipitation to the digital climate station, which in turn, together with the climate probe inside the greenhouse, regulates all the meteorological components appropriate to the culture practiced and ensures total the greenhouse structure.

There is also another digital station for the complete control of the pumping system for storing water in the underground tank and distributing it to the tanks intended for the nutrient solution. This station also controls all crop irrigation procedures, such as days, hours and number of waterings required, tank filling control, pumping system control, reception of the nutrient solution not absorbed by the crop to the tanks from where came out, control of PH and Electrical Conductivity of the water and the nutrient solution, control of pumping the nutrient solution through the flowmeters of the installed system, among many other possible functions that make this system a tool completely equipped with the best and most modern technology existing in terms of of hydroponic culture.

It is worth mentioning the existence of a second underground support tank, which already has all the connections installed, providing for the eventual expansion of the greenhouse area to at least double the area currently installed.

The warehouse also allows access for heavy vehicles to its interior to enable the transfer of the produced product that may be stored in the cold room or simply inside the space.

The electrical installation is three-phase and is prepared for at least a power of 20.7 Kva. There is also a connection to the interior of the greenhouse with a lighting system and single and three-phase sockets.

There are also two water points for various supports inside the greenhouse.

This unit is almost a manual of good practices in terms of production, the same can be said in terms of location and accessibility, since, in addition to being well inserted in its own environment, it has simultaneously proximity that guarantee quick sales in the districts of Coimbra, Aveiro and Leiria, and also in smaller markets, although equally important, namely Figueira da Foz, Soure, Condeixa, Montemor-0-Velho, Cantanhede, Mira and Marinha Grande, all within a radius of action of less than 60 km. Finally, it should be noted that, in the neighboring municipality of Montemor-0-Velho, a few kilometers away, there is an area for the production of high quality strawberries and enormous production capacity, which ensures the existence of critical mass and allows mutual assistance and transfer of know-how between all local and regional operators.



Land with Strawberry Greenhouses in hydroponic, Soure

Sale: 175 000

Samuel / Soure / Coimbra
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14 150.0

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