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Urban Land with 3680m2, located in Vila Nova de S. Pedro, a calm and friendly village, 7 km from the city of Cartaxo and belonging to the municipality of Azambuja.

Fully integrated into the urban area, subdivision being allowed, or highlighting.

Authorized construction of 1104 m2, in buildings up to two floors, after subdivision, which gives the possibility of inserting 4 houses.

If you intend to build without resorting to subdivision, the authorized area may be much higher, depending on the nature of the construction and the negotiation with the Municipality of Azambuja. Excellent for a social facility (eg a nursing home) or tourist development.

It is completely flat, has open views and faces the road, where there is a public water, sewage, electricity and fiber optic network.

With access via the A1 from Aveiras or Cartaxo, it is 45 minutes from Lisbon and 20 minutes from Santarém.

If your project seeks proximity to Nature, in a calm, peaceful and healthy place, contact us and come and see for yourself!



Plot of Urban Land w/ 3680m2, Vila Nova de S. Pedro, Azambuja

Sale: 185 000

Vila Nova de São Pedro / Azambuja / Lisboa
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3 680.0

Gross Area

3 680.0

Land Area

3 680.0

Divisions Areas


Solar Exposition

António Jorge
António Jorge
Triomphe Lisboa